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Website Design

A website tells a lot about a business. It shows how much thought the business puts into its brand and whether it values having a website. Website copy plays a key role in forming the message that visitors will take away. Consistent writing throughout the website will help reinforce the message you want users to notice.

The main reason that it is important for businesses to have a website is how people are likely to find you. These days most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, if you don't have a website you are missing out on all of this potential business. Even if people don't buy your product online they are still likely to research it online so you have to have a website so these people can learn about your business.

Why Websites?

  • To stand out among 100’s of other businesses
  • To show your professionalism
  • To separate yourself from text listings
  • To attract new customers through web searches
  • To brand yourself and not rely on freebie websites with their own branding
  • To show that you care about how you are portrayed
  • To paint a visual picture of your company

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Website Design

A Business Website shows how much thought the business puts into its brand and whether it values having a website...

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